Monday, March 27, 2006


There's no turning back now. I signed all my paperwork for my new job and will be hand delivering it tomorrow morning. There has been no counter offer, which actually surprises and disappoints me. They were pretty quick to arrange to have a temp come in so I can train her the last three days I'm here. Don't let the door hit you on the way out Buttercup.

I've heard from my Mr. Big a lot this last week. He is no longer working for the same company as I am. He started his new job last Monday. I got a couple phone calls and a bunch of IM messages from him. In one of those messages he was telling me that he has been having a lot of memories/fantasies about me. Then he asks me what I'm looking for in a guy (like he doesn't know). I told him I wanted someone who loved me and wanted to be a part of my life. Someone who was monogamous and who know when I needed my space. He said that he thought it would be really hard to find a guy like that, that it was a "tall order".

Excuse me????

I am so pissed off at him for saying that. Just because he thinks what he wants is an "open relationship" doesn't mean that he is in the majority. I told him he was a liar. I've not heard from him since that conversation, so we'll see what happens next. I KNOW he won't leave me alone, so I'm sure there will be more to tell of this tale.

It’s official… My mom is a Guinness World Record holder. She called me on the way home to let me know that her group received verification and certificates from the UK saying that their documentation and proof of their accomplishment met their standards and was accepted. I am still so very proud of her. You can
read about it here in my other journal.

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