Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WIP it Wednesday - Again? So Soon?

Finally I have some progress to show you on my designated WIP Wednesday project. One day I’ll have to post all my WIPs and really shock myself with the amount I have yet to finish.

I’d forgotten how much I love this yarn. It’s Briar Rose Sonoma and 4th of July (one strand of each held together). I’m knitting the sweater on US 15s. Why did I ever put it down? It’s going so fast. The pattern is a top down cardigan which I’ve never done before.

I have about half a sleeve done.

It was hard to take a good photo of it, so I marked it for you...

My goal is to have the whole thing done before Rhinebeck. Chris of Briar Rose will be there and I’d love to show it to her since she was so helpful with the selection of yarn to match the yarn I won, as well as fielding all my questions about needle size and gauge and pattern stuff.

Next Wednesday I hope to have sleeve 1 finished and be near the finish of sleeve 2.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WIP Wednesday

I'm hoping that if I show you my current WIP it would be more likely for me to work on it. Then I'll have some progress to show. So here is the leader of the WIP pack...

Yeah - it['s the same picture. I haven't worked on it at all this past week. Instead I started this...

It's the Larger than Life Bag from Interweave Crochet. I needed to make it. It yelled at me and I had to start it. This one is for my Sister-in-law. Her birthday is next month and her favorite color is blue so I thought this would be a cool present. Also there is a much lower chance that one of my nephews will take it from her.

I'll be making another for myself when this one is done. But I will make some progress on the Retro Cardi for next week's WIP Wednesday.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I finished them today. I'm really happy with the color and the pattern. It was a quick and easy knit. I'll definitely make them again. Or another of Cookie's patterns. Now I understand why everyone loves them.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I own this book...

I read somewhere it's very popular and selling for very high prices. I checked it out and look!

Need a closer look?

Hee hee heeeeeee! All offers will be considered.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I modeled my Tomato sweater for my buddy at work and she agreed with me; it's too big. Even with the neck edge it would be obscene to wear it. I'll be ripping it out eventually. Until then I think I'll put out the cardigan I started with Briar Rose 4th of July and Sonoma.

I haven't worked on it since I posted this photo of it.

I definitely need to join in on WIP Wednesday.

Friday, June 08, 2007

More Stuff and Nonsense

Today is my nephew’s 9th birthday. N I N E. Wasn’t he just a baby the other day? Oh no. That’s right. He wasn’t. The other day I was explaining Gay marriage/families to him so he couldn’t have been a baby. Didn’t I tell you I always get the big questions?

Tomorrow is
WWKIP day! Guess where I’ll be knitting???? At the mechanic! Barbie’s A/C died – again. 3rd time’s a charm I guess.

Many thanks to Bezzie, Trillian and Shannon for telling me to forge ahead on my Tomato sweater and everything will turn out OK. I hope to finish it this weekend (not at the mechanic tho. To bulky to tote anywhere.)

I’ve been having weird, nightmarish, freaky dreams. Last night I dreamt that I had a date with Vincent D'Onofrio. On my way to meet him, I ran into My Mr. Big and he was scary. Psycho-stalker scary*. Although he didn’t talk to me he was staring at me, following me (yeah OK - stalking me). When I got to where I was meeting Vincent there were police and emergency vehicles there. MMB had found out who I was meeting and where and he cut his legs off and broke his back.

This is not a normal dream. What is wrong with me?

*An aside – in real life, the face MMB shows the world is hard and tough and scary. He is very intimidating. Very few people see that he isn’t like that at all. Although I still wouldn’t want to piss him off.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Catching up

When last you checked in; my car was being fixed, I had no plans for the holiday weekend and I was even considering cleaning out my closet.

What a difference 10 days make… The car a/c was fixed and worked perfectly on Friday and Saturday. Sunday it wasn’t working. I was so mad about it by Monday that I didn’t do anything all day. I was finally able to get the car back to the mechanic this past Saturday. After 2 hours sitting there (I don’t mind. It’s really very customer friendly and I was knitting my Monkey Sock) they had the a/c fixed and I’ve had cool air in my car ever since.

Other wise, here are some of the highlights of the past week-ish:

Sunday of the holiday weekend, I was invited to sit and knit and catch up with Jen on her newly constructed porch. It was still hot and humid out but there is something about sitting on a porch in the mountains, sipping iced tea and chatting with a dear friend that made the hazy, hot and humid weather a non-issue. It was delightful. I could spend every weekend with Jen, knitting on her porch. Her hubby made us lunch, and even a little shrimp appetizer which he served to us with sparkling wine. It was awesome and no, I don’t expect that treatment every time I go there.

Monday I stayed in, too mad at my car, and did laundry and got to the end of my Tomato sweater, which ihas a very huge neck line. The body fits, the neck line sags down below my boobs. Not sure what to do about that. Last night Shannon suggested I march boldly forward and see where it ends up. I think I'll take her advise. I'd post the pic I took of the neck line, but it's just about the worst picture of me ever.

I finished my May Socktopia Theme socks. I love the way they came out. Unfortunately – it’s just too hot to wear wool socks right now.

Last Thursday was the Virtual SnB (via Skype) with Shannon and Stephanie from the SSK Podcast. Being this was their first attempt at one of these it was a lot of fun. Some people were talking live, others were IM-ing, and then all of a sudden we were bombarded by the "porno people". Propositions were coming in, requests to be added to contacts in all different languages. It was funny. S&S stopped the live chat and made it a teleconference, but that had limitations (like not everyone could talk at the same time). It was a lot of fun. I met some really cool people from all over the world. Now it’s rare that I don’t have someone popping in to say Hi when I log onto my computer.

This past weekend was well – car repair, hanging out with Shannon, watching my (nephews) and a visit to the local street fair. As much fun as all that was – the highlight of the weekend was getting my invite to Ravelry.

The time, effort and money that has been put into this site by Jess (aka FreckleGirl) and her hubby Casey is unreal. It took a long time for me to get my invite but I have to say it was well worth the wait. I spent a lot of time entering information on the site; building up my data. It really is unlike anything out there. The coolest part of the system is that if you knit Monkey socks, and you enter them into your list of projects, a little box next to your data will tell you how many other users have knit that pattern and you can click on the number and see all of them . Below that, another box shows you how many people are working on a project with the same yarn. One click and you have a photo gallery (project and user) of all the finished Monkey Socks, along with comments or links to their blog entries. I could rant further, but you need to experience it for yourselves. As I said, it was well worth the wait!

As of yesterday there are screen shots available to check out. Then you can see what all the fuss is about and decide for yourself if you want to get on the waiting list.

Last night I freaked out the parents at my nephew's ball game by finishing the first Monkey sock and starting #2 while cheering the little leaguers on. It was kind of fun to have people stare and ask questions. I usually just get a stare and a smile ("leave the crazy knitting lady alone"). It was a nice change of pace.