Thursday, June 14, 2007


I modeled my Tomato sweater for my buddy at work and she agreed with me; it's too big. Even with the neck edge it would be obscene to wear it. I'll be ripping it out eventually. Until then I think I'll put out the cardigan I started with Briar Rose 4th of July and Sonoma.

I haven't worked on it since I posted this photo of it.

I definitely need to join in on WIP Wednesday.


Stephanie said...

I ripped out my purple shawl today...too many mistakes were making me crazy.

I'm determined to finish it though.

Kniterella said...

Sorry about lucky for us, though that you'll be picking up the Briar Rose!

Bezzie said...

So you made V8 then huh? That's my biggest fear knitting sweaters--making them too big!