Saturday, October 11, 2008

Remember me?

I know I've not posted for longer than this last time, but it feels like I've been away longer than usual. I was without internet for what felt like forever. Not because of the chewed cord to my wireless, but because of the chewed cord for my laptop! Damn cat! So I had to wait for the new cord to arrive. Naturally there was a snafu with the order and it didn't ship for 5 days.

The cubical I work in is situated so that anyone can see what I'm doing at any time. So it's very difficult to keep up on blogs, e-mail and all around general being connected to the WWW. I've been at a loss.

But, the computer is back up and running. All cords are sprayed with YUCK which is an organic, all natural gross tasting spray which seems to be keeping the gnawing teeth of the wire chewer at bay. I did get a good suggestion from my IT guy. He said to cover the softer wires (that must be Gummi Bear like) with duct tape or electrical tape so they aren't so tempting. I may have to try that in addition to the YUCK. This way if she does chew the tape she'll reach the YUCK.

There has been a whole lot of interesting news in the past couple of weeks. I'm now spending two days a week at one of our environmental clean up sites. They needed admin help in the field office. So here I am working next to ginormous gas tanks. I started this week and they've had a lot of visitors who have camped out in the empty office. But next week that office is mine and I'll be able to check in on y'all a lot more frequently than I have been.

Cmdr K and I have been seeing or talking with each other every day. Last weekend we spent about 70% of the time together. He talks about taking me to his place down the Shore and fixing stuff around my place, all sorts of things that only people in relationships or who are dating would do. But he still insists that we're not dating or in a "relationship". I don't know. I take this all day by day and see where it leads.

He made a bet with me before Rutgers started their season. Unless Rutgers wins more than 3 games this year, then he'll marry me. Naturally, he thinks I want to marry him, which I don't and he doesn't believe. I was teasing him the other day, saying that if Rutgers does win 4 games, I'm either going to make him marry me right on the spot (a guy at work is an internet ordained minister) or I'd just spring it on him one day when he was least expecting it. I can be so mean.

Here is a picture of him. I figure it's way past time for you to actually see what the guy looks like.

I thought this was the most appropriate picture. Heh!