Thursday, October 26, 2006

Finally – Knitting content – with Pictures!

Here are the Jaywalker socks. (Knit on US 0) I love the color and the way they look but the toe…

No I don’t have bunions that I needed to adjust for. Obviously I did something wrong. Not sure what exactly, but both of the socks came out the same. Maybe it’s just the way I knit them.

Here is the muff from Knitty that I made as a Christmas present. I’m going to knit another one for myself, probably in the same yarn. I also have some Lion Brand Landscapes and maybe I’ll make the muff out of that. I’ll have to rummage around and see what I can dig out from the Ziploc bags under my bed.

I joined the Maude-a-long because that shawl is everything I’ve been looking for. Not to intricate, stunning and long down the front for warmth and panache. I bought the yarn and while waiting for the pattern to be sent to me, I cast on for the Lady Eleanor Shawl from Scarf Style. I pulled out the Shepherd’s Worsted that’s been sitting in my stash since last Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s going to take me a billion years to do this shawl, but I love it. I started it for several reasons. My Granny’s name was Lenore. When people would get her name wrong, they'd call her Eleanor. My Mom would joke around with her and call her “Eeeellllllannnnorrrr” (said with a thick Eastern European accent for effect). So it reminds me of my Granny and my Mom and where I got my silliness from. Here is the beginning of the shawl.

I love how each rectangle has a full repeat of the colors. It seemed the color repeats were short and I thought this was a good way to show off the colors and have them blend well. I think it’s coming out really pretty. And the yarn is so incredibly soft. Lastly, the entralac was a big draw because I hadn’t done any entralac knitting since my class last January/February and I didn’t want to lose everything I’d learned.

Socktober update:

Here is my progress on the Schaeffer Anne socks. It’s no specific pattern, just a 4x2 rib and slip stitch heel. One down, one to go! It fits like a dream!

Gratuitous kitty photo…

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Dorothy said...

I love how your entrelac looks. So pretty.

Don't forget to send your Jaywalkers to Grumperina's gallery. If you are a number that ends in 50 or the hundred, you could win a prize from her stash.

Your kitty looks so happy to be living with you.