Friday, January 12, 2007


For the most part, I really like my job and the people I work with. The one thing that makes me crazy is the copy machine. Not the machine itself, which is a high end copy/printer/scanner and its great when it works, because it jams constantly. We’re a small office and only have the one copier.

I call service at least once a week for this machine we just got back in October. It’s frustrating. But what really has me steaming this morning is the blatant disregard for the very large note I placed on the machine yesterday that says “Service has been called”.

I work with highly educated people; Geologists, engineers, architects and ecological scientists. This morning one of them is over at the copier trying to use it. Naturally, it is jamming and he’s opening the side door to clear the jam and slamming it shut and trying again and hitting the machine and going through the process over and over and over again. I got up and walked over to him and told him that I had called for repair service and they are coming this morning. I pointed to the sign that he REMOVED FROM THE COPIER. He nodded at me like he didn’t understand bowed a little bit and continued to try to get the machine to copy.

Another one of the brain squad came over and tried to help him. I told them both that service was coming this morning and that they would have to wait to make a copy. They are still standing at the machine trying to get it to work. Slam. Bam. Slam. Machine runs. “Beep Beeeeeeep”. Slam. Bam. Slam.

Is it time to go home yet?


Anonymous said...

My dear, their idiocy has absolutely nothing to do with education. It is a guy thing. They are positive that they will fix it before the service guy gets there. Because they are men, they must be rough and ensure that they are live out the definition of insanity. Whereby they are repeating the same action over and over and expecting different results every time.
Sigh, shake your head and politely ask if they can be more quiet while they wreck the copier.

Anonymous said...

Right on, sister!