Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Katie's Perch

When I put my Christmas tree up, I had to move the table I have in my foyer to another location. The only place the table fits is in my dining room. Part of the table is in front of a window. Katie LOVED sitting there and watching whatever was going on in the pine trees on that side of the house.

I took the tree down and moved the table back to the foyer and I felt a little bad about taking away the perfect Katie perch. So I bought her a present this weekend…

It was worth every last penny… I placed her in it and she lay right down and started purring like a motor boat. Every time I turned around she was in her window hammock.

Can you tell she is totally annoyed at my intrusive picture taking?


KathyInStitches said...

I especially love how it is in the perfect sunny spot.
FC will follow the sunny patches all over the house, and bask :)

hugs for you and scritches to Katie-


Dorothy said...

Katie looks so warm and comfy. My cats and dog love to lie in sunny spots too.

Midnight2sticks said...

Wow-what an awesome idea-i felt guilty when i moved because my cat had a huge window to look out of-now he doesn't-what a great idea!

knitten kitten said...

what a sweet kitty. I should get mine one of those. He's a sun-hog too. Oh, an that laceweight you got it beeyooteeful!