Friday, March 16, 2007

Adventures in Dining Out

My Nephews are great fun to take out to dinner. They always have been. They never misbehave or run around or make a scene. They’re 8 and 7 now and they have their own favorite places to eat out (other than fast food).

One of those places is the Chinese Buffet in the next town over. Usually a Chinese Buffet place is the last on my list. I’ve eaten in a lot of crummy ones, but this one – really good. They refill the trays often so everything is hot and fresh and they have specialty dishes that change every time you go there.

Last weekend my SIL called and asked if I wanted to join her and the boys for Chinese Buffet since my brother was out for the evening? Yeah!

We planned to get there a little on the early side because that place gets crowded and with two kids it’s just easier to have room to move around the steam tables. We ordered our beverages and headed over to load up our plates. As I was reading which dish was which on the “sneeze guard”, I read something that surprised me. Nephew1 was next to me and so I said:

“Hey look. Read what that is.”
“Faaaa... I don’t know.”
“Yes you do. Try again.”
“Faaahhhhg. Fog,”
“No. One more try.”
“Feerrrog… Frog? Really?”

From the other side of the steam table Nephew2 pipes up “I wanna try it!” I put a frog leg on his plate.

My Brother and SIL don’t inflict their food likes and dislikes on the boys. My parents were the same and let us try anything we wanted to try. But frog is something I never wanted to try, or even look at. But, I wasn’t going to inflict my “ICK FROG!” thought on the boys. Neither was my SIL who felt the same way as I did.

We went back to the table and started to eat. We paid attention to Nephew2, watching out of the corner of our eyes to see if he would actually taste the frog leg. When he did we asked him what he thought. “It’s good. I like it!” He went back for seconds and Nephew1 went to try it too.

After Nephew1 took his first bite my SIL asked him “How is it? Does it taste like chicken?” Heh.

“No. It’s salty.” He didn’t eat any more but I think if it wasn’t “Salt & Pepper Frog” he may have had more.

Nephew2 had 3 helpings. When he went back for the 3rd, he rooted around to find the thighs because there was more meat on them.

I’m really proud of them for trying it; but I’m a little skeeved out too.


Dorothy said...

Your nephews sound like such good kids! Although I think I would have had a hard time watching someone eat frog legs, it's cool that they kept an open mind and tried something new.

KathyInStitches said...


I tried frogs legs a couple of times and they were cooked too darn salty for me :P

That Chinese buffet sounds yummy! The ones up here are all horrid *sigh*
though we do have a couple of fab full service places.

The boys are really growing up!!!