Monday, March 05, 2007

The Law & Order Incident

I admit it. I’m a Law & Order fan. But for some reason I don’t usually watch on prime time, I only watch the re-runs on cable. Mostly I watch SVU and CI because I haven’t seen many of those episodes.

Last week I was flipping around the channels because my usual Tuesday night show (House) was pre-empted for 3 weeks so that Idol could greedily take over all of the Fox programming for that night (Wednesday night too – which pre-empted Bones. 4 hours of Idol a week for 3 weeks. Who can stand that much of the most annoying judges in prime time TV?) There was absolutely nothing “good” on. Then I came across the L&O CI at 9PM. COOL! I’ll watch this!

I snuggled into my chair, put my feet up and Katie jumped up and stretched out along my legs from thigh to ankle. This is a new thing. See picture below; it’s so funny and it kind of pins me down. Last night she was so anxious to get on my lap that she laid down on my yarn so I couldn’t knit.
I hadn’t seen any CI episodes with Chris Noth and I was looking forward to it. Katie continued to snuggle stretching herself longer and longer along my legs. It was a good show, but I get confused when they start talking about which Middle Eastern country could have been behind the murder plot and the reason for it. It was kind of an unsolved murder.

The show ended and I was starting to contemplate going to bed. Katie was still stretched long, snuggling her little nose between my ankles when that noise happened. You know the noise I mean? The metallic, resonating dah-dah? The Law & Order noise? The noise that had played several times the hour before played again at the start of L&O SVU and it scared Katie so bad that she launched herself sideways, across the coffee table and ended up on the other side of the living room on the love seat. She scared the be-jesus out of me. I felt so bad for the poor little thing. She sat there collecting herself and I didn’t want to do anything to make her think she did something bad or that something bad was happening in the house.

That’s when I felt it. Pain. Searing, itching, pain in long strips down my legs. Yup – I was scratched all down my calf and across the shin of the other leg.

I'm healing nicely and I should be able to wear skirts and hose again in the near future...


Anonymous said...

I am also a L&O CI and SVU fan. I also have a kitty that loves to snuggle while I knit and watch it. Only he likes to "manhandle" me into a half laying down and half reclining position on the sofa so he lay on my legs and my stomach. He tends to lay there with his face covered by a paw and will only move if I move him. So I know your circumstance. I am glad to hear that your nice kitty scratches haven't damaged your skin permanently. or at least until the next L&O. :)

Midnight2sticks said...

OUCH! That is not a good feeling! There are only a few noises like that my cat responds too. One is a meowing cat on a PSA for homeless animals that runs on PBS & the other is the barking in the song "Dogs" by Pink Floyd-sends his ears flying back!

Hey-have you gone to MDS&W? I took the bus from Rosie's in Philly and probably will this year as well!

Dorothy said...

I love Law and Order too although I usually skip the first five minutes of it so I don't see the graphic bits. It never used to be that graphic.

Your poor legs. Those claws can really do a number on the skin.

knitten kitten said...

I'm a Law an Order junkie too! Funny, but not about your incident. Poor kitty and I hope your legs feel better. My golden retriever FREAKS out whenever he hears I'll Tumble For Ya (clearly he's not a big boy george fan) and my cat will jump sky high if he gets close to one of those vibrating massage pads or pillows.

Lucinda said...

Ouch! I hope your legs are all healed up now.

My cats tend to tussle over who gets to take over my lap that way. One of them would definitely be scared by the L&O noise -- he's been known to be scared off my lap if I laugh at the TV, or shout at a home run or such.

KathyInStitches said...

Katie looks so cozy- our furfaces just OWN us, don't they. LOL

Hope those scratches are healing! I have a couple of battle scars myself- took FC down the cellar for a claw trim and he grew about 10 extra paws. hee hee

I keep trying to get a pic of him with Jeff (aka his mommy) and the way he tucks himself into Jeff, but no luck so far- he wakes up and gives me the evil eye.

hugs to you and scritches to Katie...