Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lunch Date

Have you listened to the podcast I told you about? SSK? Did you listen to the latest episode?

That’s right. I was Shannon’s “Mystery Date”. Heh

Shannon and I first started gabbing when Knitty D and the City had their bulletin boards. Then we became constant visitors on each other’s blogs, and got to know each other over the past couple months.

We met up at Michaels and it was like we knew each other since childhood. We had some coffee:(I totally had a “So I Married and Axe Murderer” moment there)

Then we headed for the yarn. We were so busy talking and laughing at the ugly yarn that was on sale for like $2, and deciding which colors of Cotton Ease to get that the only other picture I got was of Shannon with the yarn haul. It’s not all hers.

We both decided we needed to knit the same shrug. Shannon found the yarn and each color was better than the next. The shrug is the pattern on the ball band and so we’re having a knit-a-long.

All in all we had a great time. It was way too short. There is nothing like meeting other knit bloggers!


Jen said...

Hey, that's MY Michaels! I read your profile, and I'm guessing you went to the one over by PetSmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond in the Promenade. I'm in the Finderne section of Bridgewater. Do you know about the knitting group that meets Monday nights, alternating between the Borders and the Barnes and Noble? We meet Mondays at 7pm, and we're at the Borders this week (I think).

Shorty said...

Great friends are a dream come true. I'm glad you've found a few!

(Hey, that rhymed ;) )

Glad you had a great time.


Yarn Thing said...

I too laugh at the 2.00 yarn. If they want to give it away why don't they just give-it-away?

So cool that you all met and had a good time. Always cool to meet an online buddy in person :-) Heck, my sister married hers!

Marly aka: Yarn Thing