Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kidneys, Yarn, and Socks*

First, thanks for all your well wishes. I'm in the process of getting the second kidney stone taken care of which means I've been doing a ton of running around for x-rays and whatnot. Soon this will all be a distant memory.

The sucky thing is that the time I took off and the time I will be taking off (there may be another day or two for stone 2) was originally slated for a trip to NC to visit with my brother and parents in mid-August. So I've been calling my days off "My Kidney Vacation". I'd have rather spent it at the beach in NC.

Since I was missing out on my vacation I ordered yarn to make me feel better. (It's a valid excuse. It is!) I was home last week when Loopy Ewe had their "sneak up". I missed it (damn pain pills), but there were still some goodies to be had.

note the Panda Cotton was cast on at lunch to try and I love it!

This yarn called to me. I've wanted Sea Silk in this color (Lily Pond) for a while, but I had this flash of insight while looking at it on line. I'm making knee socks with it. It may be a little insane what with my long legs and all. I also have to look for a pattern, but they may end up being plain vanilla stocking stitch because I don't want to detract from the color.

The Hedera socks are finished and I'm happy with them. I love the color and the pattern was fun to knit. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shephard Sock, color: Cool, knit on US 1 & 2 needles (cast on and 5 rows with larger needle).

And as an aside: I love Hells Kitchen. LOVE IT! I love when Chef Ramsey calls them donkeys. I giggle with glee. I was so incredibly delighted when he fired Josh and threw him out of the kitchen on the spot. Talk about someone who had the ego but not the skills. I was shocked he made it to the final 5. And - how much do you love that Chef is going to put Julia through culinary arts school? I've never seen anyone leave that show where he sang their praises on the way out. I wanted her to win, even tho I didn't think she would. She did so well making it to the last 4. I hope she's on the show again another season when she is done with her schooling and kicks butt!

* Oh Turtlegirl! I need alternate lyrics to Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.


Bezzie said...

Purty yarn! I don't like that show. That guy screams like an attorney at work. I don't need that stress at home too! Ha ha!

turtlegirl76 said...

I LOVE Hell's Kitchen! I was so happy for Julia when he said he was going to put her through Culinary School. I can't wait to see her come back in a couple years to try again. I was pulling for her to win but, like you, I didn't think she would. But now, I'm banking on Rock. I don't like Bonnie or Jenn.
And I'll get right on that song request. Heh.