Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Assignment #1 – Who am I?

I guess you can say I’m a joiner since I join every KAL and Ring that interests me. I’ve been coming across the blogstalking posts on a lot of the blogs I regularly read and well – yes I had to join. So here I am making up for last week’s assignment. I'll post this week’s when I get home.

Besides a joiner I'm a creative person. I’m a knitter and crocheter; I do counted cross stitch, needlepoint, embroidery, sew on a machine (badly), write, and have been known to do some altered art.

This is some fiber art MADNESS!

I am a daughter, sister, sister-in-law and most importantly the BEST AUNT ON THE PLANET! Just ask my nephews who some how got me to buy them the most violent game they own – WW? vs Raw 2007. “Look Aunt Chris! It’s on sale and everything!” When we got it home and I heard them playing the game in the other room, I was a little alarmed.

“Get a chair and hit the ref with it!”
“Don’t pick that guy. He hits too hard and we bleed.”
“Whose blood is that? It’s mine!” (said with delight)
“Look what I found! A sledge hammer!”

I was very disturbed. At least my brother and SIL didn’t kill me like I thought they would. Apparently the boyz had been playing the game at a friend’s house for weeks and had been asking for it. They consider the purchase one that falls under “Aunt Chris Rules”

You know - I even made then Viking Costumes. Remember them. The helmets were so big they even fit me. Although I have to admit they do still play with them.

I think you can see the helmet better in this cropped and brightened up picture.

I’m very fortunate to have a family that I love and would do anything for; including my SIL. She is the sister I never had and I can tell her anything, and she me.

I am owned by one very spoiled and demanding princess cat. You wouldn’t think she lived at a vet’s office for a year before she came to live with me. She found the perfect servant. But I love her anyway. She is very warm and soft and doesn’t sleep on my head.

Other stuff I am – loyal, giving, loving. Once you are my friend, you’re my friend for life. But I don’t suffer fools (as my Mom says). I appear to be shy, and usually am the first time you meet me, but then after that the real me comes out. I make up my mind about people fairly quickly and I’m usually not wrong. I’ll go to the ends of the world and back again for those I love.

And I’m a Scorpio.

Can that coffee BE any bigger?


Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Great post! I love that Fug-Love picture!

KathyInStitches said...

You are a Peach!

hugs to you...