Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blogstalking Assignment 3.

How I get from Here to There...

I'd like to introduce you to Barbie. Barbie the Blue Bug. She was named before I got her. I had to wait months for her to roll off the assembly line so I had plenty of time to think what I wanted to call her.

She has been my constant companion for the past 9 years. Our relationship is coming to an end though. Her mechanic told me it was time to start thinking about a new vehicle. I'll miss her when it's time. She is great in bad weather, especially snow. But she's been really expensive to keep on the road.

Here is my view from the driver's seat. Yes, that's a Bezzie Disco Yarn Ball (scroll down to entry on 9/2/07), but what you don't know is that it is one of the originals. Turtlegirl and I were gifted these very popular creations. Those of you who read Bezzie's blog will have figured out that *I* am the Stubborn Pole (as in person of Polish decent).

You can tell I have the original floor mats. It took 9 years but my heel wore a hole in the mat by the gas pedal. Cool huh? Please ignore the dirt. It's been a little while since she saw a car wash with a vacuum.

The back seat contains a few items of note. Smishy squishy pillow for my back when making long drives which may not happen again before I get a new car (purple). Re-useable bags for grocery shopping, shoes, umbrella, and a lawn chair. The lawn chair is a staple in the car from April through October. The nephews play a lot of sports and I go to as many of their games as I can.

Yes, my car came with a flower vase. No, the flowers didn't come with it. So Barbie has a wardrobe (below). She is currently sporting her autumn mums, but this summer she had roses. During the holidays she has poinsettias. You get the idea. These are only some of her options.

The trunk doesn't house the engine like the old models. The engine is in the front now. So I have all the usual crap back there that any chick would have. Sun hat, butt cushion (in flowered tote) for those long trips or hard bleachers, new boots I just got yesterday for 50% off. Gym bag with emergency road stuff in it (under bag containing new boots) and windshield wiper fluid with the de-icing stuff.

Well, that's my little Barbie. It'll be a sad day when she gets retired.


Bezzie said...

Hee! I've got a soft spot for bugs. My dream car is an old red bug painted with black spots and with the big rubber ladybug now on the back of my toilet mounted to the hood.

Glad you like your ball--you Stubborn Pole! ;-)

Beverly said...

I love your little bug. I secretly want a '75 bug in dark green, just like the one my dad drove for over a decade when I was young. So sad that yours will have to be retired soon. :(

Jo said...

I like the colour of your car!

Eryn said...

I'm jealous you got her off the assembly line - so much love!

Georgiann said...

The Bug is my dream car, and yours is such a great color. So, when you retire Barbie, would you buy another?

KathyInStitches said...

She is one sweet ride- I couldn't believe how comfy she is.

(It is sad when they retire... I know when I had to put the Rusty Bloodmobile out to pasture (after 14 years!), it was weird to be driving another vehicle... we had so many adventures.)

Zonda said...

Oh love that color and I've always wanted a bug!!

BTW, tried to email you, didn't work, left you a message at Ravelry!

bye! :)

Magatha said...

Everyone loves a bug, old ones and snazzy 'new' ones. They always bring a smile. :-)