Friday, November 02, 2007

Blogstalking 2 - Week 7

This wasn't the first picture I thought of when the assignment came up. But it is one of my favorite pictures and if shown in tandem they would give you a great picture of who I am, even as long ago as they were taken.

This is however the oldest picture of me I have in my home. The three portraits of me and my brothers, (oldest to youngest from left to right) were taken by George Harvan when we were around 7, 6 and 4 years old. Definitely click the link and you'll get lost in his pictures and the history that he helped keep a record of. He was an amazingly talented, interesting man, kind, soft spoken, intelligent and had a twinkle in his eye I'll never forget. We're very fortunate to have had him as a member of the family.

When he took these portraits he insisted that he would pick the one photo to print out of the dozens he took. When he gave the pictures to my parents (matted and framed, which he did in his basement) they couldn't have been happier. The pictures capture our personalities perfectly. (Check out my brother's black eye!)

I took the photos this morning and the light wasn't so great and the glass didn't cooperate so I may try again later. This isn't the original photo either. The originals are at my Mom and Dad's house. A few years ago (I think it was shortly after George passed away) Dad had the pictures reproduced, and he matted and framed them for the three of us. It's one of the very few pictures I have hung up on my walls.

Looking back on the website linked above, the memories of George and Jeanie (you can see their wedding pic!) have been flooding back all day. Strangest of all for me is when reading bits of the interviews, I can still hear his voice, see him take a draw off his pipe and settle into his chair to tell a story about the photos he took and the people he met.

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Catherine said...

Those pictures are really great!! Not too "formal" but still very classic and certainly captive of each person's personality! You were lucky to have these pics taken!