Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Knitting Wrap up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. I've been off from work since December 20th and I've done some knitting, reading and a lot of sleeping. It's been good to re-charge.

So I thought I'd list my finishes, see where I've been so I can see what I need to finish and what I have in the queue for next year...

Finished in 2007
Baby Cable Rib Socks
Calorimetry (3)
Argosy (2)
Mrs. Beeton (2)
Cozy Socks
Broadripple Socks
Cherry Leaf Shawl
Retro Cardi
Roza's Socks
Eleanor Socks
1x1 Twisted Rib Socks
Anklet Socks (2)
Pedicure Socks
YO Cable Socks
Golf Socks for Dad
Monkey Socks
Hedera Socks
Larger Than Life Bag (2)
Skinny Scarf
Football-along Charity Sweater - Cubs for Kids
Cat Bordhi Little Sky Sock
Charlotte's Web Shawl
Coriolis Socks
More Stripes V-neck sweater

Cherry Bomb Tank
Lady Eleanor Shawl
Simple Shrug
Afghan of my own design
Babette's Blanket
Handsome Shawl
Argosy Baby Blanket
Charlotte's Web V2
Embossed Leaves Socks
Salt Peanuts
Noro Socks of my own design

My goal is to finish these items or rip and reclaim the yarn for other projects this year. The only item on the list that has a deadline is the Argosy Baby Blanket since the baby it is for is due at the end of the month.

Happy New Year! May the new year bring lots of knitting time and beautiful yarns to you all.


Bezzie said...

DANG! That's some FO list woman! Happy New Year!

KathyInStitches said...

A most excellent accomplishment!!

Beverly said...

Wow! What a list! You should be proud.

Calling on Kahlo said...

Happy New Year!

It was so nice to meet ya!

Eryn said...

Wow! What a list - I am amazed and a little envious.

Happy New Year!