Thursday, January 24, 2008


Katie is much better. When I took her to the vet the area around her eye was swollen. I think if she were a person she would have had a black eye. Anyway, when the vet looked at her she was happy to see that there was no scratch on her cornea which would have been something we’d have to really watch and make sure it healed. But her inner eyelid was very swollen and red. The vet gave me broad spectrum antibiotic drops for her. Getting the drops into Katie’s eye has been such a challenge. It’s really a 2 person job, although I’ve been able to get two drops in her eye twice on my own. Thank GOD my downstairs neighbor is willing to help.

This photo is from before the eye issue. But it’s been a while since I posted a picture of Katie, so here she is.

This morning her eye looked back to normal. She isn’t half closing it and it doesn’t look weepy at all. My SIL said it didn’t even look red when she put the drops in. Yeah, I have an army of helpers.

The boys are staying me again because the flooring guys did a bad job so they had to come back and replace boards, sand, and polyurethane the whole thing again. So that’s how my SIL got involved with me and Katie and the eye drops.
I loved the idea of having road repairs and construction done at night. When I had a long commute and would drive past construction zones, it really made sense to have the roadway open and ready for the AM traffic. That was before they started repairs to a small part of the highway I live off of. Now, this isn’t like route 95 or any other major roadway that you can get on and go. This is a two lane road with lights every 500 yards. This is a road that goes through residential areas.

Tuesday night I sat bolt upright in my bed because someone was banging on my door. Then I heard it again and it wasn’t my door at all. Then I heard the unmistakable “beep beep beep” of a truck backing up, then the banging again. This went on all night. It started again last night at around 7PM and continued all night. The construction zone is no more than a quarter of a mile away from me. I’m sure the people across the street, who are closer to the mayhem, can hear their dishes rattling in their cabinets. It’s horrible. And there isn’t anyone to complain to.
FOs to report... here are my first three Hats for Alex.

And lastly – this cracked me up. Look at how the snow melted down my windshield last week. Just kind of rolled down. Heh!


Roberta Lipp said...

I am want to choose my favorite photo... the cute kitty, the cute hats, or the cute rolly snow.

Beverly said...

Glad to heart that kitty is on the mend and that it wasn't anything serious.

KathyInStitches said...

LOTS of scritches to Katie (and Noel too!)
Isn't it amazing how they can turn into a ten-headed, eighty limbed ball of fur and perpetual motion when they see meds coming!?

Trillian42 said...

Glad Katie is doing better!

And crazy woman, it's a good thing you put a picture of those hats up, because you forgot to put anything in with them! I didn't know who they were from. :D (So, yes, they arrived today.)


turtlegirl76 said...

Oh how cool. Snow is funny. Glad to hear the kitty is doing better!