Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So when I got home after the Giants game, Katie and Noel were having run and play time (I think for Katie it's more like "I get to chase that annoying kitten" time), when I heard the fight start. The cat smackdown. Then one of them howled like they were hurt. I got out of bed and went to see what damage was done and they were both looking at me like "Fight? Us? No, not us." Since there was no visible damage I went back to bed.

Then last night when I got home from work I noticed that Katie's right eye was teary. I went to wipe it and that's when I saw that she was trying to keep it sort of closed. She wouldn't let me look at it so I let her be. I was mildly worried but figured it would be better today.

Well this morning it was the same, but I could tell she wasn't feeling good because the "WOOHOO Mommy's up" run and chase each other was more of a trot after Noel, not the usual full speed chase. While I was putting on my make-up, Katie jumped up for a drink of water and she actually let me look at her eye. It's all red and teary, which I'm sure isn't really bad, but I have a vet appointment for her after work. I bet she got jabbed in the eye during the smackdown and it will be OK.

But I'm worried sick about my baby girl. What if something other than a poke in the eye is going on? If I could take her now I would. My poor Katie-bug!

Could you imagine what a horribly over-bearing protective mom I'd be if I had human kids???? I'd need to have a Xanax Pez Dispenser!


Bezzie said...

Hee hee, yeah it's probably nothing, but definately something to keep an eye on. No pun intended.

Beverly said...

My little fuzz ball's eye gets red and teary sometimes when she accidentally scratches the eye that has a cataract (she can't see out of that eye and therefore occasionally gets too close with the claws). It usually clears up after a day or two. I hope your baby feels better soon.

turtlegirl76 said...

Better to have it looked at than to worry. I'm sure she'll be fine.

Monica said...

It;s better to have it checked out, and if everything is okay, ask how to determine when it isn't, etc. My Izzy always one of his eyes shut every so often and then is fine.