Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday, Monday…

Lately the only motivation I have to get up and get into the office is the prospect of yarn being delivered. That was the only reason I came to work last Friday. I wanted to get my Dream-In-Color Classy for my KAL sweater. That ended up being a bit of a problem and I was able to get the package from the P.O. on Saturday.

I started the sweater on Saturday after I ran my errands and picked it up again on Sunday. I brought it with me earlier in the day because I was getting new tires on the car. I thought that may take longer than shopping. It didn’t. By the time I got home, I was ready to knit, but I ended up doing the slow “I need to lie down” nod and took a nap. Insomnia sucks.

Since I got a nice long nap in, I stayed up later than I planned, watching all of the Oscars because I was too into knitting my sweater. 6 more rows and I can split for the fronts, back and sleeves.

Frankly, I could have turned it off after Javier Bardem and Tilda Swinton won. What is it about Javier Bardem that makes me go weak in the knees? Maybe it’s because he has that “guy’s guy” look about him that I’m always attracted to. I kept re-winding the DVR when they showed him to get a second look.

Tilda Swinton is an actress that I’ve loved ever since I saw Orlando. I’ll see any movie she’s in because I think she’s amazing. I wanted her to win and didn’t think she had a chance. When they called her name I jumped up and yelled and scared the cats. I am SOOOO happy for her. Now we need to get her a better stylist. Her dress was awful.

I should be getting another box from The Loopy Ewe today. I caved and bought a Nameste Bag during the last sneak up. Their new line of bags is really beautiful and I had to have one. The price is right too.

I’m sick of carrying 2-3 bags every day. I need something that can consolidate my stuff. I’m hoping this bag is the one that will work best. Worst case scenario, I can have my knitting and daily purse type items in the Nameste bag and still carry my tote for things like my planner and other work type stuff. At least when I go out and about during my day, I’ll have one bag for two things. That’s the goal anyway.

It took me all day to post this and now I have a raging headache. Oh well, not too much longer till I leave work. This day can't be over fast enough.


KathyInStitches said...

I looooove Tilda- "Orlando" is an awesome movie!! Jeff and I have watched it many times :)
and Javier is just delicioso. mmmm
Healing vibes sent to get that headache GONE!!

Bezzie said...

Hooray for not wanting to cart around a ton of bags! One of my biggest pet peeves. Although I've been guilty of it myself ;-)