Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It’s raining Cats and WIPs!

Ok, maybe not, but the weather is very cold and wet. Its days like these I really feel my age.

I’m still working along on my Mr.Greenjeans sweater. You can see where I changed skeins, (especially since I color corrected these photos). I didn’t alternate skeins or even work 10 or 20 rows when changing to blend the colors better. I’m going to live with it. I just don’t want to tear it out.

I had a great time at the class I took last Sunday. There was a great turnout for it too. We had one gentleman who was new to crocheting (I suspect he was new to all forms of fiber arts and was just there because the instructor is a co-worker), and women of all ages, starting at 11 and ending at about 29 (heh).

The shop owner was good enough to provide yarn for the project that, as she said, she couldn’t give away. I used two strands of paper “yarn” and made a spherical sea creature (anemone, or whatever you want to call it). I have no picture of it because I forgot my camera. I keep checking the shop site and the owner’s blog to see if the photo of all the coral is posted yet.

Naturally, when I got home I started another piece of coral. This one is made from Lion Brand Suede and it’s coming out really cool. I wanted one for myself and besides, they’re kind of addicting to make. This is made going back and forth and not in a spiral.

When this one is done I think I’ll make another out of some left over sock yarn so I can keep it on my desk. This one is getting really big.

I’m on my 5th Hat for Alex. Baby hats are replacing socks as my purse knitting.

And I finished my 4 afghan squares for the Briar Rose give away. I forgot to get photos of them before I sent them in. Once the afghan is finished I'll post and let you know which squares are mine. Check the links on the side bar for more info.

Here is the list I put together at the end of 2007. I’ve updated it since the last time I posted it. I’m really good at the frogging and not so good at the picking up stuff already on the needles and finishing it. I need to be better about that.

Cherry Bomb Tank
Lady Eleanor Shawl
Simple Shrug – Frogged
Afghan of my own design – I haven’t touched the afghan since I last posted this list
Babette's Blanket
Handsome Shawl – now if I could find it I would work on it. Its MIA some place in the clutter I call my living room.
Charlotte's Web V2
Salt Peanuts – I need to rip out one of the front sections and start over. I got confused.
Noro Socks – Haven’t started the second sock yet. It doesn’t help that I feel so “eh” about them.
Ankle socks for Mom – Having a case of SSS with this pair. I don’t know why, it’ll knit up fast enough once I start it.

Well, that's it for WIP Wednesday for the day before spring!


Kim said...

hmmm. Not sure if it would work, but maybe you could run a row of contrasting yarn across Mr GreenJeans where the skeins change - hard to tell from the photo where it would 'hit'.

Keep going, you can dwindle that list down and you will have lots of FO around the same time : )

Bezzie said...

Eee! I love that coral! Very cool!

Man, that's a lot of WIPs. I was getting unnerved by having four. How do you do it??