Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Arbor Day!

Today is the day I give thanks to Singulair for keeping me about 90% sneeze free. It’s tough being allergic to all kinds and varieties of pollen.

Here’s my attempt to catch up.

I’ve been busy at work. I had a lot to do the past two weeks – billable work – which was great. It was quite a large project and I stayed late Monday thru Wednesday. That project is done now and I’m back to being non-billable. Oh well.

On the good side, I did have an interview on Tuesday. It went very well and I have a second interview/practical testing of MS applications next Tuesday. Keep good thoughts for me.

Last Friday at DN#2’s opening little league game, he hit an in the park home run with the bases loaded. All the parents (and me, team aunt) were jumping up and down and hugging and going nuts. It was so awesome!

I feel a little bad for DN#1 tho. Last year the kids would get in a few pitches and then the coach would take over. This year, the kids pitch the whole game. He’s a lefty, so he hardly ever gets to hit the ball because the kids really can’t pitch to lefties. Last Saturday he was walked every time he was up at bat. The good thing is that he runs really fast, so all four times he got on base, he ran in for the score.

I’ve been knitting a bunch too. I knit another bagstopper with Sugar & Cream Striped I got when Bezzie and I were shopping on Sunday. Did you know the striped version has less yardage than the solids and ombres? I had some white that I finished the top 2 inches with and it looks great. Now I have to sew the ribbon handles on and weave in the stretchy cord. I have a 3rd one OTN and then I want to knit the yoga matt bag for my SIL for her birthday.

The Ribbon Waves scarf is coming along. I’m real happy with the progress and with the yarn I’m using. I’m turning into a Dream in Color Ho. Love the stuff. Love the Classy and love the Smooshy and I’m sure if I try their Baby (lace weight) I’ll be sunk for good.

And just so this isn’t a totally picture less post. Look what happened at the end of my street this morning…

A three car accident. The car that is under the truck was struck from behind and pushed that person under the pick-up. That person was medivaced to the local hospital. The weird thing is that I didn't hear the crash, and I live close enough that I should have. From what I understand, the guy that caused the accident was eating and driving. So please don't do that.


Eryn said...

Scary when accidents like that happen so close to home.

High fives to both nephews! They sound like awesome little baseball players.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your next interview! You'll be amazing.

Kim said...

Good luck Tuesday!

Whatever he was eating must have been pretty incredible that he messed up THAT bad!

Jo said...

I'm with you on the sneezing. This last week I have been having periodic sneezing fits where I sneeze 6-7 times in a row.