Thursday, May 29, 2008

The mystery of the moving bowls

Every time I’ve walked into my kitchen the past few weeks, I’ve discovered one or both of the cat food bowls moved. Not just moved like Katie and Noel were eating and pushed them with the force of their chowing down, but moved half way across the kitchen like this:

Some times I walk in there and the bowl is empty.

Or moved right into the middle of the doorway

It can be either bowl, or both, and may or may not include the water dish (which is hardly ever filled because they both drink from the bathroom sink).

Then one day I was doing the dishes (this totally says something about how much I love that chore) and a dark shadow moved ever so stealthily toward the food bowls. A little black paw reached out and into the bowl. The bowl moved forward. Then it happened again but this time one kernel of food plopped to the floor. Noel (you knew it had to be her right?) batted at the food and chased it around the kitchen. When she’d had enough she ate the little bit, went back to the bowl and got herself another kernel of kibble and did the same thing.

Now my problem is how to tell Noel not to play with her food. Heh

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Bezzie said...

I need an old priest and a young priest!

Silly cats!