Friday, June 27, 2008

So pissed off my head is about to explode

So pissed in fact that I've composed an e-mail to my boss & HR. Names have been changed to protect the asshats I work for (not that this can't get me fired anyway). Also please note this is the angry version. I'll be cleaning it up and stuff.

It’s been six weeks since we had our conference call on May 16th in regard to my poor report card. At that meeting it was agreed that the Mother Hen responsibilities would be moved over to one of the other admins and that I would be receiving a new job description as well as a new version of my yearly goals and objectives. I have not had any communication on any of these action items to date.

I would also like to talk to you about your expectations for administrative coverage since this was one of my failing grades on my report. Today (Friday June 27th) LuLu left at noon for the day, leaving coverage for the rest of the day to me. She did not give me the courtesy of notifying me (so I could go get lunch from the cafĂ©) or insuring I was available to provide coverage for the rest of the day. This left me with no choice but to work through lunch, which I know you prefer I not do. I also didn’t put in the hour as OT because you had previously informed me that any OT charged to overhead would be denied.

In our last Department Ass Kissing Meeting the new Summer Hours which one of the other divisions instituted was mentioned. We were told that was something we would not have since we have an option to get every other Friday off. As an admin I didn’t think I was eligible for this option. I was told that I wasn’t allowed to “bank” hours to leave early on another day during the week. This program requires that hours are banked for two weeks to get the Friday off. Can you please clarify why I am not allowed to do this within the same week?

There is a blatent double standard where lunch coverage, "banking" time, and leaving early are concerned. Because of my poor report card I feel that I’ve been held to separate rules than every one else in the company. In some regards, that is fair, but when it comes to company policies and procedures, all employees should be treated equally, which I am not.

I also feel that I should be allowed to work from home on occasion so I don’t have to use my PTO. This past week, Lulu worked from home, using her home computer. Again, this is something that I don’t feel I am able to do.

I should be afforded the same opportunities as Lulu.

Ok so that's the gist of it. I know it's not as angry as it should be. There should be a lot more Fuck You's for me to clean up.

Still I never know when I’m going to be reprimanded for something I have or haven’t done. I'm afraid to come in late; afraid to leave a minute before 5 pm and rarely go further than the courtyard for lunch so I'll be back on time.

I am physically ill Sunday evening and Monday morning at the thought of having to go to work. Friday afternoons I am more often than not, left here alone between 3 & 5 which pisses me off to no end. Right now there are 3 other people here and I know they will all be leaving within the next 45 minutes. But they'll sneak out the back door (which they never do normally) so I won't know they're gone.

The job hunt continues, but there are very few Admin jobs that are direct hire. I need the health insurance. Xanax does not prescribe itself.

Rant over for now. I had a whole other entry and everything for you. I'll post it tomorrow.

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Bezzie said...

Can you COBRA the health insurance? Insanely expensive--oh I know (we might be going that route ourselves).

Honestly though, I didn't think that letter was that bad. Might I suggest the positive sandwich that I use to complain? Start with something nice (even if you really don't mean it). Something like: I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules to meet with me on May 16. However, you'll note that it's been six weeks....
End it with: Once again, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my concerns. I really do enjoy working at XYZ company. (or something blatantly a lie like that).
OK, so I know it's a total lie about the happy happy good stuff, but when you coat a pill in delicious peanut butter, it's easier for a cat to swallow (or is it a dog...whatever).
But if might help the boat from rocking even more while you look for a new job. Because you're right, you need to get the hell out of there--you don't want to add an ulcer medication to the Xanax.
Good luck chickie!!! I'm rootin' for you!