Sunday, July 27, 2008


The nephews were in a swim meet yesterday. Typically they start early and I can leave after their events. But this was the Championship meet with all the teams in the local league. It started at 9Am and I had to pick my SIL up at 8:30. The boys had to be there at 8 so my brother got them there to give my SIL more time.

So I went for my Saturday Starbucks and called my SIL on the way there to ask if she wanted anything.

"Hey all the balloons are up. It looks like they're landing at the Community College." I told her.
"I think that's one of the places they usually try to land" she said.

Starbucks is across the street from the College. Yikes.

At the light for the entrance to the college:

Waiting to turn into Starbucks parking lot:

Taken from the parking lot:

The thing that amazed me the most was that no one took the spots in the lot. Everyone parked on the side of the road or on the entry road to the college. I was able to get in get my Chai Latte and leave in 15 minutes. So I was on time to pick up my SIL. COOL.

Most importantly, the boys did great! DN#1 made the finals in one of his events, and DN#2 made the finals in both his events. There was an hour break for lunch and then they ran the finals. DN#1 placed 3rd and DN#2 placed 5th and 1st in his events.

I am so proud of them! I have to admit tho that my heart was in my throat and then my stomach and back again in the 25 or less seconds it took for them to swim their heats and their final heat. This individual sport stuff is a killer on Aunt Chrissy!

Anyway, there was a LOT of waiting around while the other events and age groups swam, so I started a plain pair of socks with the Red Heart Sock yarn. This is how long the day was...

There are some splotches in the dye, but actually I like the combo of short and long color runs. It knits up really well, no splitting, and nice stitch definition. So far, a "Thumbs Up".


Bezzie said...

I saw the ads for the balloon fest on the paper last week and thought of you! So cool to see them all like that!
How awesome they came in 1st and 2nd!!

Kim said...

What great luck to happen on the balloons. I think I see color inspiration in your photos!