Monday, July 21, 2008

Things that help me get through the day:

The knowledge that I have sharp implements with me at all times. Who said it wasn't cool to be a knitter?

Some of the pages from my “Bad Cats” calendar. (THANKS Jen!) This is a new favorite:

And my new favorite – a box of wine.

Then I come home to this news:


I don't think anyone knows this but I have the biggest crush on Jeremy. And he's going to THE SAINTS??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! sob

This has been a day more horrible than I ever could have imagined.

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Bezzie said...

Whereas he would be a step up from the Random Proposal Fed Ex Man ;-) I'm not going to point out the fact that even I am a little freaked out about how young he is. This is what happens when you have younger brothers--anyone that is their age, is immediately off limits (at least to me). EWWW!!

Have a fish eye on me!