Friday, January 30, 2009

Serial Project Monogamy

I never would have thought it was possible! I've been working on the same project for weeks. I took this picture last week when I was almost all the way finished with the third skein of Noro Sock yarn.

I also took this picture so Bezzie could see my Imaginary Friend Tish. See. She isn't a figment of my imagination at all! She. Is. AaaaLIVE!!!!

Another event of note that happened this week... A male co-worker came over to me yesterday and asked "Do you have any yarn with you today?" Notice he was smart enough to know I have yarn with me most days. I said I did and he asked if he could have a bit of it because he wanted to use it to tie a report together. He took about 2 feet of sock yarn and looped it through the 3 hole punches and made little bows on his copy of a report that went out to the client earlier that day.

I think the poor guy lost his marbles. But it was really funny.

And lastly, I have to say something about the latest internet knitting community shit storm...

Faking your death, even on the internet, is just asking for some really awful karma. The End.

Happy Superbowl weekend!

Go Cards!


turtlegirl76 said...

Tish is a cutie! But I fear she needs a good meal. She's so thin she's almost transparent! =P

Is that a shawl you made with the Noro sock? It's a pretty colorway.

And yeah, faking your death and then going back to the community you faked it to - STUPID

Bezzie said...

Hmmmm...IFT's giving the David Partridge shawl the bunny ears? She's a woman after Chunky's own bunny ear givin' heart!

And hey!! That's the same yarn I think I'm making my socks out of...and dreaming about while I multitask!

loopykd said...

Hi Tish! I love your hair!

Yeah, faking death, collecting money, teaching your kids to lie, all really good karma stuff.

Patti said...

I thought I was pretty plugged in to the online knitting community, but I'm lost...can someone clue me in on the faking death episode?

Patti said...

Nevermind. If you google the right words...creating bad karma is an understatement. People constantly amaze me.