Saturday, March 20, 2010

The dating pool – Part 2

So there’s this guy who works at the off sight field office I work at two times a week. He is not at all my type, but really cute. I’ve noticed that the skinnier I’ve got, the more attention he’s been paying me.

Which I guess in some ways it’s kind of superficial of him, but really, I wasn’t anyone you’d look at seriously 70 lbs ago except to note that I was a big girl. But he’s always been nice to me. And the fact that he’s giving me a little more attention just confirms and reaffirms that losing the weight was/is the right thing to do. It also keeps me motivated, kind of like working out next to a cute guy at the gym. It keeps me on the equipment longer. ;-)

Anyway, the company he works for is a contractor for Big Oil Company like my company is. So we don’t work for the same company, but we answer to BOC. We’ve spent time chatting, and since he is a cat lover, he’s shared a picture of his cat with me. He actually printed one out and gave it to me. LOL! I couldn’t throw it out. Who can throw out a picture of someone you know’s fur baby? Really. Not to mention that he is prone to putting things on his cat and taking pictures. Like the other photo he showed me of a very pissed off cat in a birthday hat. How can I NOT be attracted to this guy?

If there are too many people around, like the client or the 3rd and newest contractor to start working with BOC, he’ll walk by and tap the doorway to my office. Bezzie thinks there is a permanent dent in the doorway now. LOL! So there is interest on his part, I think. I know I’d be open to a drink, or whatever. But I have no idea how to get the dude to ask me out.

Yeah, I know. This is the 20th century and I shouldn’t be a chicken shit and I should ask HIM out. But, well, I’m an old school, disco era, chicken shit chick and I’d need 37 Xanax to just get up the nerve to think about walking up to ask him out. Isn’t there a way to kick the flirty-ness up a notch or something?

As a reward for reading this dribble… Gratuitous kitty photo!

She thinks it’s hers but it’s really MY bed.

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