Saturday, February 19, 2005

Is it March yet?

I finally made the decision that I needed to put Rascal (the elderly cat) to sleep. I called a family friend who works in a vet's office and made the arrangements. My brother drove us there and our friend was working that Saturday, so I had lots of moral support.

It was very peaceful and I got to hold Rascal through most of it. The vet was wonderful and he said that I made the right decision. My brother is the best. He stayed in the room with me, even tho I told him he didn't have to. Then he took me out to brunch and I did end up eating a little in spite of the fact that I had no appitite.

The horrible part was that as I was carrying Rascal out of the house, I tripped on the LAST STEP and fell. At least he landed OK and without a big crash. I wasn't so lucky. I landed on my knee and twisted my ankle and as I was limping into the vet's office my toe started to hurt. Now that's the worst of it. I think it's broken. It's swollen and black and blue, my knee and ankles both hurt. Can't I just have one pain at a time???

So last week I hobbled around work (aka the Sick Ward) and tried my best to stay away from all the people who were hacking, coughing and sweating. But it was to no avail. Come last Saturday night the cough started, a deep rumble in my chest and body aches. Sunday I wasn't any worse, but not any better either. Monday I had 102 degree fever. The doctor put me on anti-biotics immediately. I wasn't any better on Wednesday, so back to the doctor who took me out of work for the rest of the week since I have "asthmatic bronchitis". At least all the bed rest kept me off my feet and the ankles and toe are much better.

I'm really looking forward to Spring so I can open up the windows, blow out the "bad vibes" and start fresh. Surprisingly my Mom suggested that I get a bunch of dried sage so I can insence the house. That kind of shocked me coming from her. Now I have to find a little magic shop or a place I can find wicca supplies so I can do this properly. Get all the bad ju-ju out of my house!

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