Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I'm still trying to take better pictures of my knitting.

Here is the finished sock. 2nd still hasn't been cast on yet. I'll more than likely get to it tonight.

I was only able to work on Ella a little bit last night. I only did 3 rows, which is making me mental. I was going great guns on it over the weekend, but for some reason I wasn't able to get much done last night.

OK - I know the reason. I'm way too excited over a new job. I am going in for a final meeting on Friday afternoon when they should be offering me a job. This job was pretty much created for me, and so they want to make sure that what they came up with is what I want to do. I also have to bring in examples of my work, which is a first for me. I know they want to make sure that I can do all that I said I can do, but still it's a little odd.

My boss is mad at me. Before he was my boss I asked if he would be a reference for me and he agreed. Since this company I'm meeting with on Friday has an automated questionaire reference thingy that is done on-line, I asked him if he would still be willing to be a reference for me. He is not happy - but he knew I was looking.

More socks and Ella and Viking helmet horns will make me forget about how annoyed he is at me. I know it will!

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