Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Long overdue Knitting Adventures...

The Viking hats are coming along. I have the horns to make (yeah - 4 of them!) My SIL seems to think the hats will be enough, but if I know my nephew, he'll be very disapointed that he doesn't get the "costume" part of it too.

I skipped ahead to the finishing instructions for the hats and you have to felt everything, which means the hats will shrink. That's great, except if everything shrinks at the same rate I'll still have the problem of all the pieces not fitting. I may felt the hats first and see where they end up. I may not felt the bands (for embellishment) since they are much smaller than the hat is right now.

Ella continues along at a good pace. It is really beautiful and I love the yarn. It's knitting up much faster than I thought it would.
Photos to come.

I finished a sock last night. I was going to rip this one out and start over, but then I put it on my foot and it is so soft and warm and yummy that I decided to keep going. Before I knew it, I was grafting the toe closed. I'll cast on the other sock later or tonight.
This photo is from a couple days ago, but you can the cool funky colors.

Then there is the sock I decided to start so I could try the Knit Picks 100% Merino sock yarn. I think it is yummmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to knit with. Unfortunately, they're hand wash only. I don't care. They're lovely, soft, and the colors are beautiful. I have a hand wash setting on my wash machine and I can lay them out on top of the dryer while other stuff is drying. It works well with sweaters so I'm sure it will with the socks too. Photos soon.

I still haven't swatched for the Cinxia sweater I want to knit. This is the cardigan that I mentioned in a previous post. Maybe when I get Ella done I'll move on to that.

Then there is this:

Those of you who are knitters and who can see past my not so professional photo can see what the problem is here. The stitches are twisted. No this is not mine.

This belongs to a woman I work with. She is a knitter and was having a horrible time joining the cast on so it didn't twist. I talked her through my method of joining and she took it back home and brought it back a couple days later and handed it to me. "I give up. You do it."

I never offered but all of a sudden it was my job to cast on and join. How did that happen? Next time I'm telling her there's a fee.

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