Wednesday, May 03, 2006

In response... what Andrea said on her blog over here: Unhinged. Since I didn't want to be a comment hog, I decided to comment in my space. Go read what she said or my comments won't make any sense.

I did finally see The Passion of the Christ. I told my self that I didn't want to see it because knowing how Christ was tortured and suffered was enough. Telling myself that was one thing, seeing it took it to a whole different level. I'm glad I watched it. I couldn't imagine what I saw on screen.

Which brings me to United 93. I live 30 miles from Ground Zero. My life hasn't been the same since 9/11. It's small things that have changed. I know the phone number to alert the authorities about suspicious activities by heart. It's hard not to memorize something you see several times a day. I stop dead in my tracks when I hear a low flying plane. What's worse than hearing a low flying plane (I live in one of the flight paths for the NY/NJ area) is NOT hearing planes, or trains.

Being able to imagine it, knowing what happened and how I felt about it, is so very different than not really knowing particulars, as in The Passion.

I won't see United 93. I know I'll sob throught the whole thing, like I did when I watched the towers fall, the Pentagon burn, and the crash site in PA. I still pray for those who died, and admire those who took action especially on United 93. I am blessed that none of my friends and family who worked in and around the World Trade Center were physically wounded and got home safe.

Maybe I'll be ready to watch the movie some day. Right now, the feelings are still way to fresh.


Unhinged said...

Well, you know I know what you're saying.

Maybe I'll watch this movie five years from now, but I doubt it. I'm too empathetic. And man, I don't want to see what might have happened that day because what I imagined is painful enough and I get this horrible headahce and body ache when I cry. And I know that like you, I'd be sobbing through the whole film.

Dorothy said...

Peace be with you. I can't imagine what that day must have been like for you. I would have difficulty watching something so close to my personal pain.

buttercup said...

Andrea, if we lived closer we could have meet for coffee and NOT see the movie together. Hee hee!

Besides, I'm not a pretty cryer. I try not to cry in public whenever possible.

And Dorothy - thank you for your kind words.

Unhinged said...

I just read back through your entries and saw that you had to say goodbye to your kitty girl. I know it was a heartbreaking decision, but it's the last act of love we can do for them.


krisknits2 said...

Even though I live half a country away from the physical location of 9/11, there is no way I can watch the movie. With the trial that recently took place, I cried through every news story on my way to work. To me it is still too fresh.