Saturday, April 29, 2006

Inspiration or something like it

I was a very bad girl last Saturday. With the possibility of rain all weekend, I packed up my new book and went to the yarn store I spent mucho bucks at on Superbowl Sunday. See - Bad. OK - I had M-D Knitting, but I wanted to show it off cause it is where Sad Blankie was born.

A word about
Big Girl Knits. WOW. I am floored by the opening chapters telling us big girls what looks best and why and how to measure ourselves. I was blown away by the patterns and had a hard time deciding which to make. I settled on Bombshell; it's stunning. I went to the not so LYS because they had Lorrna's L&L which is what the pattern calles for, and I wanted to see what their options were. They only had overdyed colorways and I didn't want to go down that path, so I invested in this...

Yup! Bamboo! It was still expensive, but at least I didn't break the bank. Oh and look what else fell into the bag. Sock yarn. Trekking XXL. Been reading about this all over the knitting blogosphere and I had to have some.

It's a good thing that I've been looking to start projects other than "Saddy" but really, its one of two things I've been working on. I tried to work on Ella, but I made a mistake and had to tink. I've been thinking about the viking helmets and have even shuffled past the pattern in my stack of in progress stuff, but haven't done a thing with them.

The blankie is growing, but I think I want it bigger. I never understood the "throw" thing. They aren't big enough to cover someone who is 5'8" tall. If I wanted a lap blanket, I'd make one. I'll plan some more squares for it and see where it gets me.

I don't remember mentioning that I had started Cinxia. I'm using the AC Moore cashmere blend yarn which is really nice to work with. I have the body of the sweater worked up to the arm holes and one of the sleeves done. I need to start on the second sleeve. I know it's not exactly the "don't want to think about a pattern" project, but it is mostly just twisted stockinette stitch, and the slip stitch pattern wasn't too much harder than that. So I've been able to keep up with it pretty well.

It's a beautiful Saturday here in NJ and it's perfect for spring cleaning. I'm going to tackle my bathroom and wash all the pillows on the couch and let them dry ouside. It's the perfect day for it. I hope it's beautiful wherever you are too!

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Ann said...

Hi! I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your kitty. I just took mine to the vet today for vaccinations (rabid skunks all over town, they're telling us--can you imagine anything more dreadful than a rabid skunk?), and going to the vet always makes me think about when my cat was having seizures last year. She (miraculously, if you ask me) stopped having them around December, and so I look at every day with her as a gift. I really didn't expect her still to be here, but she seems totally the same. Sorry to ramble, but cats are really dear friends. PS What a freakin' AWESOME blanket you're cranking. It may be a Sad Blanket right now, but think about how Happy you'll be when you're finished!