Thursday, May 25, 2006

MD KAL Update

I fell down the rabbit hole!

I've been such a warshrag ho lately. Look at this stack. I have plenty of yarn to keep on going too. They are way too pretty to use on dirty disgusting dishes so I plan on using them on - me (see how I convinced myself how bad the dish idea was). I kept envisioning a stack of freshly clean and pretty washcloths sitting on the 1/2 wall that is the end of my vanity. So I've decided that I want a stack of MD Washcloths and have been working toward that goal.

Sad Blankie has two new blocks. Its been very warm here and having it on my lap is downright uncomfortable. So I've put Saddie to the side for now. When air conditioning weather comes I'll want to have a blanket on my legs in the evening. It's the curse of cathedral ceilings, comfortable in half the house and freezing in the other half. So for a couple of weeks it's waiting in the wings. I do love how it's coming out and will most definitely finish it before the cold weather comes.

Since Saddie has been put to the side for the time being look what I started! I am insane, but I love love love love love the mitered squares.

When Saddie is finished I think I may have to start on the curtains after all. I've seen the ones that have been posted here and they make me feel all - well - jealous really. I want them too! I don't remember who posted that they used size 3 crochet cotton, but that was a stroke of genius and I'll be copying that when the time comes.

I'm enjoying all the work y'all've been posting. Your FOs are inspiring me to new heights of insanity... ahhh... creativity.

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Dorothy said...

You've been busy! Everything looks really good.