Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fish floating upside down in the fish bowl

An Amazing Lace Update:

I finally decided to pull out my poor neglected Fish Tail Shawl and I discovered something horrible... The fish - dead in the water. I was so heartbroken. Here I was ready to finally give the fish some much needed and over due attention. {sniff, sniff, tear}

What happened? Here are the sordid details: I picked up my purple needles and started in on the pattern that I had copied in big bold handwriting (for my 40+ eyes to see easily) and kept ending up with two extra stitches after I finished the first repeat. What the HECK? So I read the pattern (the one I wrote) and counted stitches and I had ten on the needle but only accounted for 8 on the written pattern. Well - DAMN. The pattern in the book must be wrong. It has to be a repeat of 8 stitches not ten as it said in the book. So I pull everything off the needles and rip...

Then and only then do I think to check the book. ARRRRRGGGGGGG!!! I left out a "m1, k2tog" which would account for the 2 stitches.

Some times I am to clever for my own good.

I'll be casting on AGAIN tonight.

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