Tuesday, August 01, 2006

By request...

I had a request to see some of my finished projects. Hi D!!!!!

Well - there are a lot of in progress projects but I did finish these socks last week. Start to finish they took 5 days. I used Lion Brand Magic Stripes (Jelly Bean is the colorway) and although I like the colors, there were to many "drips" of color that made one or two stitches of a totally different color in the middle of one of the stripes so - well - not so pretty. See...

But the thing I did love about these socks was the heel flap. I used the "Eye of Partridge Heel" from Knitting Rules! by The Yarn Harlot.

I like the way it came out. Nice and thick so they may wear a little better. Now to find a toe that will wear longer. I just noticed a pair of Opal socks that are thinning in the toe area. ~sigh~

I've also been knitting these...

What are they??? A fellow fugg-er requested some 3"x3" white squares for an art project. I'm still knitting more of them. You can read about it over here at Veritas' blog (scroll down). The thing is - they're very addictive to knit. They don't take long at all (like 20 minutes while watching TV) and I end up giggling when I finish one and put it in the pile because - they're so cute! Not to mention it's the perfect project for when you're up from 2 - 4 AM because the insomnia has kicked in full force.

Anyway - go help her out with some squares if your so inclined.

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