Thursday, September 14, 2006

Almost owned by a new kitty

I went to see Katie tonight and she stole my heart. She is much prettier in person than in the photo. I knew I was OK in her eyes when she jumped up on the bench I was on and wedged herself between my leg and my bag.

I'll be picking her up next week. I need to get a new carrier and litter box and food and treats. I even started a purple Kitty Pi bed for her. The folks at the Vet's office said she LOVES her kitty bed so I figure she needs one for when she gets here.

I'm so very excited!

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Dorothy said...

She looks beautiful and so cozy in her bed. She'll be so happy to have a Kitty Pi.

Older cats do have trouble getting adopted. I adopted two older cats. The lady at the pet store said they had been there nearly 3 three months before I took them home and she had adopted out six kittens in the meantime.