Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I've been dreaming about cats lately. I think it's a sign that I'm ready for a new pet.

I called the vet's office yesterday to see if they had any cats for adoption. They have a 4 year old cat that is in need of a home. Her name is Kitty but they've been calling her Katie. It's so sad that this kitty was given up after being in a home for 4 years. She has a typical cattitude, according to the woman at the office. She sounds perfect. I can't wait to go see her live and in person.

I found out she is on Pet Finder, so here is the picture of her. I'm going tomorrow night. They're open till 8. I'm really excited about the possibility of adopting her.

They also have two little boy cats who are 6 months old named Moe and Oliver. I wouldn't want to split them up and I'm not sure if I want more than one cat. I got used to just me and Nikki in the house. There are also a bunch of kittens and who doesn't love a kitten? But I know that older cats are less likely to be adopted and I want to give a cat in need a home.

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Kristin said...

good luck with your new kitty! When you raise two cats from kittens it's really not any worse than having one cat. But Katie is a cutie!