Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Knitting finishes and other stuff

I’m happy to say that I finished a Christmas present! I made "Mrs. Beeton" for a friend. They are right up her alley, Victorian/funky. Besides, she's always cold and this is my little way of helping keep her warm. Like the intro to the pattern says, it will keep her pulse points warm and therefore will keep her warm. I love how they came out and am in the process of making a pair for myself. Sleeves are never long enough for me and I think these are a great way to compensate.

I also finished another pair of socks. I was going to make the Jaywalker socks by Grumperina, but as I started the inch of ribbing I discovered that the Trekking XXL I was using was a faux fair isle stripe and it wouldn't work out well with the pattern. So I made a plain ole pair of socks. The colors are very "Spring" but I don't care. I'll wear them all winter.

I think I mentioned the sock pattern I found on line somewhere called Mata Hari. I actually started the pattern with the pink/purple Koigu I bought on Canada Day. First - I understand about Koigu now. I was a little sad that it wasn't so soft and yummy when you touched the skein, but I bought it anyway. Then I started knitting it - heaven.

Mata Hari and I had a complete and total disagreement. This was around the time I was in NC visiting my parents and knitting a bazillion Nauties. Maybe she was jealous, but the ribbing was so tight I couldn't get it over my heel and so I frogged. You should have heard my Mom gasp as I pulled out the needles. Hee hee!

I pulled the Koigu back out two weeks ago and cast on for the Jaywalkers. I love the pattern. Very easy to memorize and to follow. Then I started to have a heart attack. Why? Look...

Think there'll be enough yarn to finish this sock? I don't think so. I need to knit 8 inches for the foot before I start the toe decreases. I have one skein of this yarn left which I'd have to dip into to finish this sock and then I won't have enough for the other. Having size 10 feet has never been fun, but running out of a specific dye lot of hand dyed sock yarn... ~whimpering in the corner~.

I did actually think about tearing out the sock and instead of the 7 inchs from cast on to heel flap, I would have done 5. But the thought of ripping all that out and hoping I picked up all the stitches was too much to bear. So I decided I'd continue on and hopefully I'll be able to get another skein of the Koigu to acommodate my aircraft carrier sized feet.

P.S. - I just got off the phone with the LYS I bought the Koigu at and she still has some skeins of the pink/purple dye lot! And she's open late tonight! Yippee!

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