Friday, October 06, 2006

Why is life so weird?

I was unemployed last week so I was kind of bummed about that. The place I was working at didn't have any work for me so they had to let me go. The thing is, they do have stuff for me but the 3 guys I supported didn't have their act together enough to have work put aside for me. So they let me go and I pulled my blanket over my head and stayed there for the week, never realizing it was passing.

The only exception to that was panicking about not having the money for my mortgage payment since my last paycheck took 2 weeks to get to me, from THE NEXT TOWN OVER. I did get it on Monday and deposited it in time. The payment went through without a hitch, but I hate playing bank account roulette.

I also got a call from the Employment agengy I've been working with asking me if I was able to work for one day at the place I was just working at. That one day turned into 2 then 3 and starting this coming Monday I'm back on a 40 hour week on a Temp to Perm basis. So I had a little vacation of panic and moping and now it's back to almost normal life.

During that week I got another Christmas present knitted. I made the Muff from Knitty and that's for a friend who I know will love it and never use it. I really wanted to keep it for myself, but I have PLENTY of yarn left over for another one and it was a really fast knit. I'll make another in the next couple of weeks.

I also finished my Jaywalkers. I liked the way the Koigu knit up, but I didn't like the pattern all that much. The sock does a funny angle thing at the toe decrease and they're bulky right there. I couldn't even wear them with my every day loafers which are my knitted sock shoes. They may be chilly day socks for wearing around the house. With the leopard print slippers shown with Katie below. hee hee

My friend and knitting buddy (and enabler) has a milestone birthday coming up and I really want to do something special for her. I'm going to get vague here because she reads my blog but I'm so excited about what I found that I have to blather on cryptically for a bit.

It's really difficult to find something to knit for someone who is a knitter (and an excellent knitter at that). I wouldn't hesitate to give her a knitted present because I know she would appreciate and wear something I gave her, but this needs to be super special. And I found it! I did a test run (for myself naturally) and I'm thrilled with the results. So I have 3 or so weeks before the unveiling. I'm sorry... You'll just have to wait.

No, it isn't a knitted cupcake from One Skein, although I do need to make one for my Mom this weekend.

Many weird ups and downs the past couple of weeks. Maybe now things will be on a more even keel.


Midnight2sticks said...

Hi, I just clicked over from the Maude KAL web site. I had to laugh when I saw you were from Somerville-I live in North Brunswick! Small world huh? Have fun with Maude-I am.

Dorothy said...

So glad things are picking up for you again. I hope they continue to stay on a good even keel for you.

Looks like you got some great yarns there. I'm going to guess that they all have fall type names.