Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas Knitting

Whatever knitting I was going to do for Christmas has been done. I made two gifts for two friends and they were done in October. That was till my sweet little nephew asked me AGAIN (poor kid) when I thought I’d have the Viking costumes for him and his brother done. Since I started them last February, this is not an unreasonable question.

Burdened with a major case of the guilts, I’ve been knitting on them non-stop, as mentioned in my last post. This weekend, I should have them to the part I’ve been dreading the most… the fun fur shoulders. I bought the fun fur on sale back in March or so and I have no idea where it is. If I can’t find it and have to buy more I’m going to scream.

I was telling my Mom about how I was guilted into working on the Viking costumes again and that I’ve been working on them non-stop and she started to laugh. She is knitting for my nephews too.

First, a little background: When I was visiting with my parents over the summer, I showed Mom the
Knitty site and we ended up making a boatload of Nauties for my nephews and two for my brother. Anyway, she has a friend who had a knuckle replacement operation and so Mom decided to knit her some Knucks. She made her two pair and they are much loved and appreciated.

A few days ago she was in Wal-Mart and right there on the end of the aisle was a display of that Caron Camouflage yarn. Well, Mom thought it was a hoot and then even more so because the free display pattern was for a pair of knitted cammo pants. But when she got home she started thinking. So the next time she was back there she picked up a skein and she is working on making the boys a pair of cammo knucks. LOL! She absolutely cracks me up. The boys are gonna be out of their minds with glee when they see them.

At least Mom's knitted gift is washable.

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Dorothy said...

I bet those cammo Knucks will be a huge hit as will your Viking costumes.

Love the socks in yesterday's post.

I didn't use a pattern for my Jabot scarf, but as soon as I work out the kinks in the design, I'll put one up.