Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Most of my weekend knitting was spent on Lady Eleanor V2. I’m through 1 ½ skeins and I really love the way it’s coming out. I think when my Mom sees it she’ll claim it as hers. I don’t put it past her. She has taken jewelry I’ve made right off me, put it on and said “You know you’re not getting this back right?”

Last night while watching a re-run of House, I worked on the fun fur shoulders on the second Viking costume. I have one side done and the other side started so I should have the knitting done with tonight. Then I can sew the horns on the helmets, sew a little embellishment here and there and those can get marked off as D! O! N! E!

How much you wanna bet as soon as my nephews have them on their bodies they’re going to ask for me to make them something else?

And by the way… I hate fun fur. I used to think it was so much fun to knit with and it got me back into knitting like a fool again (after a brief resurgence in the 90s), but man! It doesn’t feel real nice at all.

I’ve joined this 2007 sock knit along. I have so much sock yarn that I need to knit up. There will be monthly themes and prizes and most importantly for me – support. The start date is December 31st. I’m so excited to get my sock yarn knitted up… so I can buy more.

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Dorothy said...

Knit Viking costumes are the ultimate in cool. Of course they will beg for more.

I think your Mother may have to learn how to knit so she can make herself a Lady Eleanor. Just a thought. What kind of jewelery do you make?

I hope you have fun with the sock KAL. It looks like fun.