Wednesday, December 20, 2006

T-minus 4 1/2 days and counting

I’ve not been sleeping well. My doctor changed some of my medications and “Buh Bye Mr. Sandman.” Sure I fall asleep OK, but I’m up every hour or so and even tho I fall asleep between 10:30 and 11, I’m wide awake at 5AM. So I’ve been walking through my days since last week like a zombie.

One of the guys I support just caught me staring at my desk. Blanked out totally. I am mortified. I’m usually busy with something or other and he walked into my office and I didn’t even hear him. He said “I’m not even going to ask what you’re doing.”

My parents were here visiting last week so all of my spare time was spent with them. I bought ONE Christmas gift while they were here. ONE. I’m planning on getting gift cards for my nephews and I was going to get another gift card for my brother & SIL to their favorite restaurant. But did I have anything for my Mom and Dad? No. Did I have anything to send back with them for my brother? No.

And the Viking costumes still aren’t finished. I sewed the horns on one of the hats last night. Should I worry that the damn thing fits my head? I could hear Katie thinking “What the hell is that thing on her head? Why does it have HORNS? What is WRONG with her?” Tonight I’ll do the other and then I just have to knit on some I-cord ties and sew some embellishments on the jerkins and hats. I hope they’ll be done for Christmas. Saturday may be nothing but knitting/finishing and laundry.

And maybe sleep…

…and I’m cooking Christmas Eve dinner. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through.


Dorothy said...

Coffee, chocolate and maybe a fervent prayer for people to be late for dinner?

Best of luck with the knitting and the cooking. I hear you on both.

Anonymous said...

I so hear ya- I haven't done a thing.
The only person I 'm giving a thing to is Sean- hey, no one has given me a thing ever, so *razberries* to 'em!
Baking marathon this weekend and then Jeff's sister is coming from FL on Thursday.
Probably back to work after 01/03/07,

Big hugs to ya- I am not sleeping either, as usual. LOL

Anonymous said...

You'll make it! Don't worry-here is something that will help get you through. Psssst. Glenmarle Woolworks in Princeton is having a "Final Sale" December 26-January 6-just walked passed the store tonight-don't know if you are familiar with them-lots of Rowan.

Hang in there kiddo!