Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh Well - and other crap - and a new Pod Cast

RU lost. But it was still cool that they were in the finals.

My car is broken. I won't have it back till maybe Friday. There is much ordering of parts and welding and at least 5 hours of labor in store for it. None of these new parts will be seen because they are all inside the door. It's kind of like taking ten $100 bills and slipping them down into the door where the window goes down. Then there is the begging for rides part of this whole thing which sux. Rental car places are not that friendly to people with only a debit card no matter what the "Visa Debit" people say.

Because of all the car hoopla I completely and totally forgot a doctor appointment I had on Monday night. Didn't even realize it till I called her yesterday to tell her she was getting test results from my PCP. I ended that call with "I'll see you later this week". I looked up my appointmnent and discovered it was for Monday evening. I felt HORRIBLE! I never do that. Totally forget an appointment. Just completely blew it off. I called her back and said that I was so sorry for missing the appointment, that I didn't realize it was Monday and could I please re-sechedule? I know these things happen, but to not remember at all was very upsetting to me.

One last thing. I promise it's a good thing. An on line friend has just started a pod cast. They are still working out the audio kinks, but even so, it's great fun to listen to. You can find the pod cast here, or here. Keep up the good work Shannon and Stephanie!


Debbi said...

Car repairs and doctors appointments... No fun at all.
Here's to better days ahead!

Dorothy said...

I hope your car is back on the road soon! I know how much it sucks to have to beg for rides.