Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I was ready to cast on Dad’s second sock. I pulled my sock knitting tote out of my messenger bag for the single lonely sock photo shoot the other day so I’d have everything I needed right by my chair. Or so I thought.

The second ball of Fixation is missing. I can’t find the damn thing anywhere. I pulled everything apart and still can’t find it. The only thing I didn’t do was move the furniture, which I’ll do when I get home tonight. I was really hoping to get at least the cuff part done last night so I could work on the gusset today and hopefully stitch like the wind and get the sock finished last Sunday.

My brother was visiting from NC this past weekend. I could have sent the completed pair back with him (he lives 10 miles from Mom and Dad), but no. Now I have to find the 2nd skein. This never happens to me. It’s all I can think about. Where is that damn ball of yarn?

You know when I’m going to find that skein of Fixation? When I buy a replacement skein. Then it will miraculously teleport to the top of some yarn pile somewhere in the house.

I have to admit to ulterior motives with that second sock. I’ve had a particularly brilliant idea for my August Socktopia socks and I wanted to get started on them as soon as possible. The problem came when I was swatching the other day and realized that the two yarns I had on hand wouldn’t work since they are really different in gauge. Trying to finagle the math to get the sock to work was making my brain hurt. Other than those 2 skeins, I don’t have any solid color sock yarn, which I need for my theme sock. Odd isn’t it? So I ordered from The Loopy Ewe again. Twice in as many weeks.

You saw that coming didn’t you?

And what’s the point of ordering on line and not taking advantage of the free shipping when you order? So there’s more sock yarn than I needed coming my way. Why do I think that spending $30 extra to save on shipping is better than just spending the $5 on shipping?

At least I have some yarn to photo for Yarn Porn Friday which I kind of signed up for before I really knew what I was doing. But hey – it’s fun to play along and we all know I’m a joiner.

I had nothing to do with the disappearance of that yarn. I’m just guarding the property like a good watch cat.

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