Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Random Wednesday

What a crazy week I’ve had so far. I’m being pulled in a hundred directions at the office, which is OK, but I’d really like a chance to breathe. On the other hand, I like being busy and having a lot to do so the days go by fast. Then again, we have approval to hire a p/t receptionist and I’m thrilled.

I had to change my mani and pedi appointment last Saturday since my brother was visiting. I moved it to last night. I went to the salon and the woman who I had my appointment with wasn’t in. I didn’t want anyone else to do my nails. It took me a long time to find my regular nail tech and I don’t want to switch. So I’ve been trying to call all day to see if I can go this evening after work. She always answers the phone, but today she isn’t. I’ve been told “she’ll be back in 10 or 15 minutes” three different times today. I don’t think she’s in again today. I wish they would just say that she isn’t there. So frustrating.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been up to since I can’t find the Fixation for my Dad’s other sock.

This is my Socktopia sock for August. My theme is Ebony and Ivory and I’m using Louet yarn.

I actually wanted the socks to be a surprise, but since there aren’t too many people who actually read my blog, I think I’m safe disclosing what they look like so far.

I also started my Football-a-long Pre-Season charity project. We’re making Sweaters/Hats/Scarves in our team’s colors for Cubs for Kids. Last night I finished the scarf. I used a basket weave stitch so the scarf wouldn’t roll. All it needs is some fringe. I’ll be making 2 sets, one for my pro team and one for my college team.

I have a funny feeling my nephews are going to want some sweaters for their bears (or whatever animals they have). Only those I’ll have to duplicate stitch the team logo on the front.


Knitting Novice said...

I love the scarf. Where did you find the pattern? How many inches did you make it? I made one for my toddler but it was rolling a little bit. I wasn't sure how long to make it.

Dorothy said...

The scarf looks really good. I may have to do something like that for the Red Scarf Project.

I am looking forward to seeing more of your socks. I like black and white, but hardly ever work with them together for some odd reason.