Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cough, Cough, Sputter

What was that? Why is there dirt and dust in my mouth, eyes, hair, and all over my Charlotte's Web shawl???

Oh - I see. TurtleGirl and Trillian have totally smoked me. I think they even lapped me before smoking me. Well - I did have to start the darn thing 4 or 5 times so it makes sense that they'd finish in like 8 days and I'd be plodding along. But there is progress. Honest. I'm up to the third color.

I'm really glad that Pam posted that the shawl grew an amazing amount when blocking because I'm a little worried about it being big enough. I was planning on going ahead with more rows, but now I'll stick to the pattern.

How are you doing Shannon? Slow poke knitters UNITE!

Also, I've been very preoccupied and lace knitting hasn't been the best thing for me to try and work on. No powers of concentration for knitting at all. See there's this guy. A guy who I've seen four times in the past two weeks and talked to almost every night. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but it's hard not to think about it.

So instead of trying to concentrate on lace, I've been concentrating on a different guy. He was little guy. A guy named Alex and I'm knitting hats for the hospital that cared for him (details here). I have two knitted up and one more almost finished. They just need some ends woven in and some tassels/pompoms. The projects are small enough and quick enough that the chance of me messing them up almost nil.

Patterns came from the links on the Hats for Alex page and Knitting Pattern Central. Yarn is left over Peaches and Cream and some Baby Caron Simply Soft.

Tomato and Boteh haven't been touched in two weeks. Sad isn't it? Really all I have on Tomato is the ribbing on the neckline and the sleeves. Why I've let it stall for so long is beyond me. I know I can knit on that without messing it up too badly. But I'm really into the hats!

Boteh needs another ball of yarn/ribbon, so instead of using up what I have till I can get to the LYS on Saturday, I just stopped working on it. It doesn't make sense so I won't try and explain it.

That's all the news at this point. I hope to have new socks underway for my September Socktopia entry and another Retro Cardi cast on so I can have it finished in time for Rhinebeck.


turtlegirl76 said...

So yeah. You got me beat on the Hats for Alex front. I'm a terrible friend. I haven't made a single one yet. I'd best get on that, eh?

I love the colors you picked for yours! They're blending well.

Yeah Mine grew from about 40" across and 20" long to 62" across and 32" long. And that length doesn't include the trim.

Bezzie said...

Yeah those little hats are addictive.

Despite being smoked, you're still making really good progress on that shawl!

Shannon said...

Hi. Slowpoke here.

Dorothy said...

I've been smoked, lapped and the dust has all but settled on my MS 3 stole. I'm still plugging along here and there though.

Cute hats.