Friday, September 07, 2007

Yarn D'oh Friday

I'm really excited about my day today. My brother and SIL are going to the RU game tonight so I get to hang with the nephews. My SIL is dropping them off at my office around 3:30 and then I get a small glimpse into her life. Homework, dinner, football practice.

So, I was running around this morning throwing casual clothes in a tote bag, along with my camera and sneakers and a generic sock project to start during the 2 hour practice. While in the midst of all this I thought, "take a couple quick shots of the yarn for today's YPF", which I did. I even remembered to grab the cable so I could upload the shots to Flickr.

While I was in "hurry up and wait" mode (why is work like that all the time?) I decided to pull out the camera and cord and upload my YPF photos. I pluged the cord into my computer and then looked at the other end of the cord. Ah - yeah - wrong cord.

After some coffee, and then more coffee, I got a brilliant idea. OK - really an obvious idea but this tells you what I'm like before coffee. I'll put the memory card from my camera into the digital camera here at the office and - voila!

Ok - not voila! The memory card doesn't fit in the work camera. Since I won't be home till very late tonight and I'll be back out the door at 8AM tomorrow...

Picture borrowed from Webs.
UmmmmmmmMalibrigo worsted weight yarn in NY Giants Blue. I'm not sure what it will become, but it will definitely keep me nice and toasty warm all through the season.


Bezzie said...

Good recovery on the fumble!! :-)

turtlegirl76 said...

Hahahahaha! Between you abd Bezzie this post is well executed blitz on the defense.

Or something.

KathyInStitches said...

Busy Busy :)

I love the color of that yarn- it looks soft & cuddly!

Wendy said...

Tough game last night! Even I was rooting for the Giants.