Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Tomorrow marks one year since Katie came to live with me. We marked the occasion with a visit to her friends at Belle Meade Animal Hospital. She was not happy.

Anyway - Last year, I called my vet when I was ready to adopt another cat about 6 months after my Nikki passed away. There were always unwanted cats and kittens in the waiting room when I took Nikki there. I knew they were well cared for and not pent up in cages longer then was absolutely necessary. I was pretty set on getting an adult cat. Adult animals don't get adopted as quickly as kittens or puppies and I wanted to make sure an adult cat got a good home. Besides, I didn't want to go through keeping a kitten out of trouble when I wouldn't be home most of the day to avert disaster.

Anyway - the vet had two kittens and one adult cat (Katie). I went to see her that night and she stole my heart. She was very chubby. She looked like she swallowed a bowling ball. I'm sure it was because she was in a cage most of the day (during office hours) and didn't have too much room to run around in. She jumped up on the bench next to me and started purring. Then I pet her and she hissed at me. I laughed at her and told her to stop showing off.

After our visit, I told the office staff that I wanted to bring her home but that I wasn't really ready to bring her that night. I needed a new litter box and carrier and all that stuff. It was a week after our first meeting that I took her home.

During that week I found out that she was on Pet Finder. I was able to see a picture of her, which I posted here, before I went to see her. A couple days after I saw her, her picture and details were taken down, which is always a good thing.

Having a pet has done so much for my well being. I never realized how much I relied on having another living being in the house to interact with. Last summer was the loneliest time of my life. A lot of really horrible events happened one on top of the other and Katie was the perfect medicine to help get me past all the life crap.

Katie has worked her magic on others too. My friend and neighbor B thinks she is the cutest thing ever and she hates cats. My nephews constantly ask how she is doing. My Mom calls Katie her "Grandcat". But the icing on the cake is that when The Knitting Mojo Stealer comes to visit the first thing he asks is where his girlfriend is.

He does not mean me.

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KathyInStitches said...

Furfaces are wonderful :)
Big hugs to you and scritches for Katie!!