Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ok. Ok.

Thank you fellow Charlotte's Web-a-longers for weighing in on the CW topic. I will cease and desist (heeheee) tinking and carry on, repeating colors C and D. Your insight is always appreciated.

Last night I took Boteh to Knit Night and worked on that instead of knitting (or unknitting) anything. It went along just fabulously. So I figured I'd bring it to work for lunchtime stitching. Take that Knitting Mojo! Crochet Mojo is in full swing (Yeeeahhh Bay-bee! Do you want to shag?)

I got through 2 pattern repeats and then realized in the first repeat I did today, I decreased on the wrong side and the swirl was going in the wrong direction, making repeat #2 swirl back in towards the rest of the scarf. So I ripped.

Honestly - I have to stop my mind from wandering. How do you do that? How do you stop the incessent rambling of will he call, when will he call, what if he wants to come over, what if he shows up on my doorstep, why are boys so dumb? And how do I stop it from ruining my Knitting/Crocheting Mojo?

Bezzie - do not fear the man sock. The man sock is just a lot of foot rounds. The mojo didn't leave because of the man sock. It left of it's own accord. Dumb mojo. When it comes back does it bring a mojito?

Oh - and thanks for the suggestion Nurse Rachett. You never know when I'll be picking up the fabric and thread again. Unless you want to stitch some of it for me? heh


Bezzie said...

Maybe knit him a man sock? All those foot rounds will numb your mind from thinking anything exciting about him? ;-)

Wendy said...

Boys are dumb because they are boys. It's just the way they are.