Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wookin' Pa WIPs

Does anyone else miss Wookin' Pa Nub Wednesdays when Penny Karma was posting those gems? Honestly - she is freaking hysterical. If you don't know what I'm talking about - check out her 12 days of Wookin' from last Christmas. It was her little present to her readers. So damn funny.

Anyway - Boteh is just about done. Progress continued at lunch today and I finished all the repeats and started on the border. It should be finished by the weekend.

And here is Charlotte's Web, which I haven't touched since Sunday. I still love it. I'm not sure about tinking back the rows or just forging ahead. Contrary to what I said above. I think I'll have too much of a mottled color band in the middle. In that case I'd rather tink back. I'm pondering all options.
And yes, boys are dumb. Sometimes they're dumb and smelly. But maybe this time I found a good one. One that isn't smelly. He's definitely better than the ones I dated before. Therefore, I will not be knitting anything for him, although I do think about it. I have enough problems finding men who are interested in me without the evocation of the sweater curse (which I'm expanding to all knitted goods so as not to tempt the Knitterly Supreme Beings). There will be no curse envoking.

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Bezzie said...

Ooo...pretty CW!!!! I think it looks fine--no tinking!