Wednesday, October 17, 2007

KA-rack that WIP!

*ETA photos

Welcome to another edition of WIP Wednesday. But before we get to that, here is a little FO (which will be blocked tonight).

The Cherry Leaf shawl is finished! I am so happy with it and can't wait to get it blocked. Those of you who are playing Blogger Bingo at Rhinebeck - you can identify me by this shawl. I'll be wearing it on Saturday!

Onto the WIPs!

The Argosy Baby Blanket is still in the works. I've completed a couple rounds on it, but there hasn't been spectacular progress since I was knitting away on the CLS to finish for this weekend.

I finally got back to knitting socks. Not surprisingly it took Cat Bordhi to do it. Here are the Coriolis socks - or rather - sock. I sort of followed the way she knit them on Knitty Gritty, but have been using the book to make sense of it all.

This is my first toe up sock. I've tried them before but the increases after the toe always came out wonky, so I stuck to top down. Then I saw Cat knit a garter stitch square and make it a toe! BRILLIANT! I'd been dying to try that since the summer. Sunday evening I pulled out two skeins of sock yarn and knit a gauge swatch. Then I started in on the toe.

The other thing that always frustrated me with other than top down with a heel flap construction was the short row heel. I'd tried it and even tho I wrapped and turned, and knit the wraps with the stitches to conceal them, I always had holes. But look at this heel! Beautiful and no holes and it makes perfect sense to me now.

The sock is flying along and I love it. It is kind of thick, so these will be house socks, or bed socks or whatever you want to call them. I think if I knit these socks with one strand of sock yarn, they're the answer to my knee high socks problem.

I can't WAIT to get to Rhinebeck! I will be at the Briar Rose booth at some point, replacing all the yarn I bought last year (as well as the yarn I won at the KAL site). My goal was to only buy more Briar Rose yarn if I used it all up. Granted, there are some left overs and I have plans for them, but the bulk of it is knit.

I'll be handing my Hats for Alex over to Pam, or taking it to the drop off spots she mentions in this post.

2 more days and I'm Rhinebeck bound!!!


Kniterella said...

Fab photos! Wish I was going to Rhinebeck - have fun!

Wendy said...

Nice job with the shawl! I'll definitely keep my eye out for it at Rhinebeck!